WOD: 10-29-12

Please note that the gym is closed on Monday October 29th.

WOD:  3 rounds for time of:


Air Squats
Sit Ups

1 min rest between rounds


So the gym is closed tomorrow…

Last week all of the coaches had gotten together for very important meeting stuff.  We talked about the fact that it was finally time to reveal to you “the official CrossFit secret”.  “The OCFS” is the secret knowledge that we know and purposely withhold from you, that makes us so good at CrossFit.  After much talk and deliberation we,the coaching staff, felt like you were ready to know “the OCFS”.  We all laughed and cherished when thinking about you all snatching over 200 pounds.  We were all excited to see you guys have a perfect Butterfly Kip.  We were most excited about how happy this secret would make you!!!  Unfortunately, the gym is closed tomorrow, so we called the whole thing off.

Maybe next year,



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